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World 5S Summit in 2016, Ashikaga

 Thursday,November 10 and Friday November 11 ,2016

What's World 5S Summit

Ashikaga 5S school has developed the unique ashikaga style 5S activities for years. We hope to take this opportunity to share the world our ideas about the unique ashikaga style 5S, including our cultures and traditions, our spirit of hospitality, as well as advanced kaizen and our innovation. With your cooperation and assistance, we will work to lead World 5S Summit to success.

What’s the ashikaga style 5S

There are two main structures in the ashikaga style 5S. “For the workers.”“Pursue the truth”Our goal is not only to increase work productivity, but also to encourage individuals their own actions.

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DateThursday,November 10 and Friday, November 11 ,2016

※Two days, Reseption:12:00〜

LocationSouth Tochigi Regional Industries Promotion Center
Programs ・Keynote speech
・Case studies
・Presentations:5S in Japan
・Presentations:5S all over the world
・Factory tours
・Panel discussion
Participation feeJPY 20,000(price including tax)
OrganizersWorld 5S Summit Exective Commitee,Ashikaga 5S School,Ashikaga Chamber of Commitee and industry
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OrganizersWorld 5S Summit Exective Commitee/Ashikaga 5S School/Ashikaga Chamber of Commitee and industry
Co-organizerJapan External Trade Organization(JETRO)
SupportersMinistry of Economy,Trade and Industry,Tochigi Prefecture, Ashikaga City,Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Japan Productivity Center,Kansai Productivity Center,The Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering,Tochigi Productivity Center,Tochigi Association of Corporate Executives,Tochigi Employers's Association,Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Ltd.,Ashikaga Sakanishi Society of Commerce and Industry